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English I/ESOL I

Note to Students

To complete individual modules, simply click on the module of your choice to begin. Please note that Chrome is the preferred browser to use for these modules.

If you plan to explore all 5 modules, you are encouraged to work through them in the order they are listed.

You may exit a module at any point and resume to complete it whenever you have the time to do so.

There will be a short quiz at the end of each module. When you earn a passing score on the quiz, you will receive a certificate to download that confirms you have completed that module.

This icon next to a module indicates that the content is the same for English I and English II.

This module includes review of:

  • sentence types
  • capitalization rules
  • punctuation marks

This module includes review of:

  • linear and nonlinear plots
  • indirect and direct characterization
  • types of characters
  • elements of setting
  • topic and theme

This module includes review of:

  • elements that make up the structure of a poem
  • types of rhymes used
  • steps for analyzing a poem

This module includes review of:

  • the basics of author’s purpose
  • the use of text evidence to make inferences
  • author’s use of language

This module includes review of:

  • details and key ideas
  • author’s use of print and graphic features
  • the use of text structure to achieve author’s purpose